“The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation, and the fun is in the community.”
G. Glassman

Freddie Milligan
-Specialist in Physical Fitness- Cooper Institute, Dallas, Tx.
-Biomechanics Specialist- Cooper Institute, Dallas, Tx.
-Physical Fitness Specialist- National Academy of Sports Medicine, Los Angeles, Ca.
-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
-Kids CrossFit Trainer
Football Coach
Track & Field Coach
P.E. Teacher
Athletic Director
Speed, Agility & Explosive Movement Specialist

Personal Bio
I have been a personal trainer since 1995. I have spent the last 10 years in Los Angeles California. I have been training celebrities and high level athletes, running bootcamps, personal training, teaching explosive movement techniques(speed & and agility), coaching varsity football, coaching track & field and teaching CrossFit. I have also been an Athletic Director. I have been a personal trainer for over 18 years. I have done millions of dollars in training in my career. I have trained thousands of people. I have helped people loose over  10,000 pounds (combined) of body fat. I have also helped competitors for bodybuilding, fitness and dozens of other sports. I don’t say this to brag but to show that I have been around the block and have tried almost everything in the fitness world.

As a personal trainer I have always struggled with the price of personal training for the quality and quantity of training that one could get.

Thats the first reason I love CrossFit. For personal training to be effective, you must train at least 3 days per week. My training rates in Cali. were $100 per hour. So if you trained with me for 3 days per week, you would have to pay $1,200 per month. CrossFit is $150 per month and you get training 6 days per week if you come every day. I have also struggled with the amount of time a normal training session takes in a classic personal training session.

Reason # 2 that I love CrossFit. A normal session of personal training goes like this; you come in the gym and warm up doing some kind of cardio and then you start lifting weights. After your hour is up, you have to go and do more cardio. If you do it right you will be there for at least 1.5 hours to 2 hours. You usually don’t get much mobility work(stretching and flexibility), which improves the quality of your life for the hours of your life that are outside the gym.

In a normal CrossFit session you will get mobility work done that will help you have better flexibility and less aches and pains. Then you will get a proper warmup in that helps you with the specific movements that you will be doing that day. Then you will receive instruction for how to properly perform the movements for the day, followed by practice of the movements. Then we start the WOD(Workout Of the Day), which usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes. These are non-stop circuits that get your heart rate up while strengthening your muscles and increase your endurance. So, no need for cardio after wards! Then we cool down and stretch out. BAM, your done within an hour and you have not only become stronger and burned a ton of calories but you have also added to your flexibility! CrossFit is the perfect fix to all of the problems of normal personal training at a fraction of the cost! Not to mention its a ton of FUN!!!

Ashley Arellano

I have always loved sports and competing and I still do. Since I was 13 years old my favorites sports have been volleyball and weight training! I was blessed enough to have been to the state volleyball tournament in high school twice. I was an all district setter and tournament and district MVP. I was the first girl powerlifter at my school and after high school I competed in the American Powerlifting Federation where I held 8 state records. I have coached club volleyball ball for over 4 years and also assist in high school summer camps for girls. In 2007 I competed and won the ANBA bodybuilding pro qualifier to get Pro Card. I have done several bodybuilding shows since and my latest show was a 2013 ANBA figure competition.

I am a mom of 4 great kids. I love watching them fall in love with fitness. I feel like God has led me to be a trainer and to help direct others to change their lives by lifting weights and making those steps to a better and healthier life! Sometimes the smallest steps can change your life in such a big way!!! I started CrossFit over 3 years ago. It is the most fun training I have ever had and it never gets old! I was one of those trainers who talked about how bad and crazy crossfit was (even thought I had never tried it) but I could not have been more wrong! I love our community and the support that we have for each other as we reach our goals together!

I coach several classes a week! I also teach the Little Lifters class ,ages 3-5, and the kids class, ages 6-12! I have such a huge passion for children and I love to teach and lead them into a love for reaching goals and teamwork. I am also a certified personal trainer for all ages, sports and body transformations. If you are looking for that something different in your life or just wanting a change somewhere you have got to give us a try! You will fall in love just like I did!

Certified Personal Trainer

Crossfit Level I Coach

Biomechanics Specialist

Life Guard

Swim Instructor

Water Aerobic Instructor

Russel Brooks

Bio coming soon!

Tara Alfred

Bio coming soon!

Jon Lemley

Bio coming soon!

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